Not everyone knows what a squirt is. A woman’s orgasm comes in many forms. One of its varieties, which is often questioned, is squirt.

What is squirt – definition of the concept

Squirt, or female ejaculation, means “squirt” in English. Therefore, the second name of squirt “squirt orgasm” – excitement reaches such a level that the urethra begins to release fluid.

Usually such a picture can be seen in “adult films”. It seems to be pre-cooked water or just urine, but squirt is a real phenomenon. At the end of the female urethra there are glands that produce a liquid secret, similar in composition to seminal fluid. Therefore, the term “female ejaculation” squirt is justified.

The physiological mechanism of squirt

The paraurethral glands that have been mentioned above are the glands of Skeena. Located on the front wall of the vagina, they touch the body of the clitoris, which is just next to it. There is also the same erogenous zone with the G-spot, the search for which people are ready to devote their lives.

During intense stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris, the Skeena glands begin to produce an alkaline secret and increase in size. At the moment of the highest degree of arousal, these secretions are released. And since the glands are connected to the urethra, this is where the fluid is released from.

For this reason, squirt was thought, and some still think, to be urination. It has been proven that this is not the case. Although the urethra is involved in the process, the secret secret secreted during a squirt is not the same as urine, neither in appearance nor in composition. It is clear, sometimes a little cloudy in color, and is similar in composition to a man’s ejaculate (without sperm).

What is the main obstacle to achieving a squirt?

The most important obstacle to squirt is considered stiffness. The sensation of the swollen glands of Skeen resembles the desire to urinate. A woman drives away this urge, so as not to wet the bed, all the sensations are blurred. Another mistake is the contraction of the muscles at the moment of orgasm or bringing the legs together. Such a movement is sometimes involuntary, but the arousal instantly weakens and the secretion stops.

Squirt during real intercourse does not usually look the same as in the “adult” movies. It is possible not to get a powerful jet as expected. In reality, a woman’s ejaculate does not exceed three tablespoons in volume. The minimum amount is just a couple of drops. You will know about the secret secretion by the wet bed, and you may not even notice a few drops.

What is the G-spot and how to find it?

The question of how to get a squirt lies in the G-spot. The G-spot is a much talked about area, but what is it interesting and how to find it?

The walls of the vagina are not a continuous erogenous zone. There is an area on the front wall of the vagina, where at a depth of 5-7 centimeters from the entrance is a cluster of nerve endings. It is easy to feel because the surface of the G-spot, which is what it is, differs from the smooth surface of the walls.

When stimulated, the erogenous zone swells up and becomes more visible. Stimulation of the G-spot gives the strongest sensations, leads to a vaginal orgasm or even to a squirt.

What Women Say about Their Experiences

Women who have had a squirting orgasm say that it can’t be compared to anything else. This is a new level of sensations.

Many forum women share: when they experienced squirt, not understanding the meaning of the phenomenon, took the first sensations as a urge to urination. The reaction was to stop, to clench your muscles, you were afraid of embarrassing yourself. Some even ran to the bathroom, killing all arousal with this act. After a while, these women found out – they were wrong, it was not a urge to urinate.

In some cases, squirt was achieved accidentally, causing delight, surprise. But more often it is a conscious step, when a woman learns squirting orgasm either alone, or her partner helps her. Women who have experienced squirt believe that it is possible to act in this direction only with a very close person.

You have to completely relax your body, give yourself over completely to excitement. Such relaxation is not always possible at the beginning of a relationship. After releasing the secret, an unprepared partner may react with laughter, an inappropriate comment, or a crooked face. This behavior can cause real psychological trauma.

Not everyone will want to explain the nature of a squirt to an illiterate man and continue experimenting with this partner further.

Tips and tricks

Those wishing to learn squirting orgasm should act step by step, read reviews, recommendations of experienced women in this matter:

  • You need to love yourself, do not hesitate to reveal your sexuality. It matters, because if you don’t love yourself, you won’t want to bring yourself pleasure.
  • Learn how to have an orgasm. About 30% of women consider themselves frigid while not seeking to change anything. They think that learning to orgasm by masturbation is something shameful, unnatural, but they are wrong. It is unnatural to deny yourself the pleasure that you can achieve on your own by simply stopping being ashamed and exploring your body.
  • Sharing with your partner. There is no need to be embarrassed about your loved one. He will appreciate frankness, will support you if you ask him for something or suggest something new. Together you can learn how to achieve a squirt and put the knowledge into practice. If the reaction to frankness will be negative, why do you need such a partner?
  • Experiment. Some people are helped by various gadgets from the intimate store. You can use a vibrator to get new ways of stimulation, new sensations.
  • Find the G-spot. Determine it from the coordinates given above, very easy. It will be good to teach your partner, to do the search together. When the erogenous zone and the G-spot are found, it is necessary to actively stimulate them. This is achieved by any movements, perhaps more intense and stronger than the usual caressing. It is important not to get discomfort while doing this. Additionally stimulate the clitoris, this will lead to even stronger sensations. It is during intense stimulation, which can last quite a long time, that “urge to urinate” may begin. You should not be afraid of them and strain your muscles. It is advisable to relax in order to achieve orgasm and ejaculation – this is what a squirt is.


Squirt will give extraordinary sensations to both the woman and the man. It will be right to educate your partner if he does not yet know what a squirt is and achieve it together.

But you shouldn’t get hung up on trying to act strictly according to the instructions. You have to keep experimenting to discover new facets of pleasure.

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