The pose “69” is one of the most piquant and rather awkward in sex, and therefore not everyone dares to try it. The fear that it is possible to look clumsy, without the very sexuality, stops you from a pleasant experiment.

Confused and “body sounds” inherent in a non-standard position. Is it worth it to dare to play a new game, and is it so pleasant to receive mutual pleasure?

Why It’s Worth Trying

Frankly speaking, the “69” pose is not the most comfortable and convenient pose for sex. This practice came from Hinduism, where sexual pleasure is closely intertwined with yoga, and the positions include its asanas and their elements, which not every our compatriot can perform. But the opinion of sexologists on this issue is unequivocal: the pose is greatly underestimated.

After all, during the classical oral caresses only one of the lovers gets pleasure, the same arrangement of the bodies allows you to please each other at the same time. Experts believe that it should be recommended to girls who are just starting their way in sex and are not yet accustomed to oral caresses. They often feel uncomfortable, stiffness during cunnilingus, and the position “” allows them to relax, because they also give pleasure to the beloved, and this means that the received caresses stop being selfish.

What kind of pose is this?

Coming up with a name for the position of mutual satisfaction, its authors did not reinvent the wheel and chose two figures, which, when changing position, turn one into the other. But even that is not worth thinking about for a long time, just look at these two numbers: this is exactly the position in which the partners’ bodies should be positioned.

However, some couples do have difficulties. They are well aware that the face of one partner should be in the groin area of the other, but what about the mismatch in height, weight, or flexibility? All these problems can be solved if you show a little ingenuity. So, first of all, it is necessary to choose a comfortable position.

The lover with less weight or height should be positioned on the bottom, and the other should sit on him and bend his back so that his groin is in the area of the lower partner’s face. It will be impossible to reach the genitals only if the difference in centimeters exceeds 50% of height, in all other situations it will be possible to reach the intimate area.

The Six Top Secrets of the 69 Position

Embrace Your Body

Sexologists insist that the main problem with the sought-after pose is a dislike of your figure or certain body parts. You need to understand that the vagina and labia look the way they do, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Also, the intimate area has a certain smell, and it is far from the scent of roses. This can also include the taste of secretions: even if a girl will eat exclusively pineapples, from this they will not become more sweet, and will remain as they were created by nature and physiology. Therefore, you should disconnect from such thoughts and just give in to passion.

And what really worth doing is to take a shower and wash all the areas that can secrete fluids: the groin, the anus, the armpits, the area under the breasts. After all, a clean body is a respect for your partner, a tribute to politeness.

After all, the organs of taste and smell will stumble upon all these areas, and in order not to worry unnecessarily about unpleasant odors, you should remember about water and shower gel. Only it is not necessary to rub the delicate parts of the body excessively or to use aggressive detergents – it is enough just to wash.


The beauty of oral sex is that the most sensitive tubercle of the female womb – the clitoris – receives the attention it deserves. But it is not the only one that can give a girl a pleasant sensation. The labia, the pubis, the first centimeters of the vagina are not less erogenous.

To caress a woman as if you were licking an ice cream cake, with your tongue wide enough to affect as wide an area as possible. But you should avoid or minimize pinpoint effects.
Caressing a man, you shouldn’t focus only on the penis: the scrotum, the anus, the inner thighs and the pubis also deserve attention.


Not only your tongue and lips are involved in the process of mutual satisfaction, but also your hands. Caressing the partner’s body with fingers and palms, lovers get a break and an opportunity to breathe in the literal sense of the word. Also the movements with hands perfectly complement the stimulation of the oral cavity, because affecting the groin with the tongue it is possible to simultaneously stroke the ass, thighs, and belly of the partner.

A guy should remember about the G-spot, which is very difficult to reach with his tongue, so fingers will be an excellent assistant for this manipulation. The desired area can be stimulated by stroking, circular movements, or rhythmically pressing on it, squeezing the finger in the “come to me” position.

Lubricating the hands with lubricant, the partner can easily complement the lingual caresses with manual stimulation. Such influences are necessary and for a little rest, and to slightly extinguish passion, if one of the lovers is close to the end of the process, and the other is still on its way.


The “69” pose can be supplemented with absolutely any toys: artificial penises and vibrators, anal balls and plugs – all devices will do, even those that limit mobility. This is a time of experimentation, and if partners are willing, all the toys that they have ever dreamed of trying out will do the trick. Pillows that can be placed both under the head and under the buttocks are indispensable, raising the groin and making the caresses more comfortable for the “upper” partner.

Toys designed for the anus should be introduced only with the consent of both lovers. If permission is obtained, you can start with caressing the anus with your tongue, and proceed to using plugs and balls after sufficient arousal and proper preparation.

An important nuance – you should not simultaneously conduct caresses of the anus and the vagina, so as not to introduce bacteria from the intestines into the reproductive system. Or do it after careful hygiene of the groin area.

The most convenient and correct option is to use your tongue for pleasuring the vagina, and for stimulation of the anus – fingers or a toy. In this case, if the hand or balls have already been in the anus, it is not recommended to insert them into the vagina.

Girls very much like stimulation with balls, guys are delighted with vibrators and massagers that allow you to stimulate the prostate gland. If the couple has not yet come to such active stimulation of the anus, you can start with the smallest in volume anal plugs or simply limit the impact of the fingers.

Changing poses

In addition to the standard “69” option, there are other variations of it that also deserve attention.

“Upside-down spoons.”

The same position, but the lover is placed on the side. The change of position allows for a little variety, also lovers get to control the activity and intensity of their partner’s actions. And also in this position it is easier to give each other a break – it is enough to slightly separate from each other.

“Standing and lying down.”

This idea requires two factors: the love bed must be a certain height, as well as the height of one of the partners. The man or woman lies down on the bed so that his or her head slightly protrudes over the edge. The other one hovering over the top, spreading his or her legs over the edge of the partner’s head. It is important that both lovers are comfortable: the one lying on the bed can put a pillow under his head to make it softer.

The standing partner should stand so that his genitals reach the mouth, but his legs should not bend strongly to avoid overstrain and rapid fatigue. Those who can master this technique will feel like real sexual gourmets.

It is important to remember that the one of the lovers who is at the bottom is more vulnerable, so it is advisable to stipulate in advance a hundred-word or gesture that will signify the end of the game.

Regardless of whether or not penetration is present in sexual intercourse, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases does not go away. Therefore, it is important to experiment with the 69 pose only with proven partners. A bonus is that unplanned pregnancy in this kind of lovemaking is ruled out.

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