Sex is a unique way of getting pleasure, around which many myths have been created, sometimes quite contradictory. Some sources say that a regular sex life is good for your well-being. On the other hand, you can hear the opinion that too frequent sexual intercourse can be harmful to health.

Which statement can be considered true, how regular sex affects the body and the relationship between a man and a woman? Marital intimacy and what kills sex drive, how attitudes towards sex change in old age. The answers to these questions you will find in our material.

How does sex affect a relationship?

When it comes to first sex, it is believed that the first intimate encounter usually lays the foundation for a relationship. When planning a long-term, serious relationship, avoid having sex on the first date. Often, one partner’s interest in the other can disappear after the first, very quick and untimely intimacy.

When thinking about sexual activity during a relationship, you can also find pitfalls. Some couples underestimate the importance of a regular sex life. First, the psychological impact on both the woman and the man: both partners begin to feel more confident.

Second, regularity also stimulates desire itself. Partners trust each other more, reveal new fantasies and, of course, get more pleasure from the process, which means that all other areas of life come to normal.

The impact of sex on women’s health

Having sex affects the psycho-emotional background of women by producing the hormone estrogen, the beauty hormone. It helps to improve appearance and overall health. In addition, sex helps to reduce menstrual pain due to the contraction of the pelvic girdle muscles.

All of these benefits are lost for women if the intercourse does not end with a “climax”. That is, for sex not to be useless for women in terms of health, she must have an orgasm, which in Russia and the CIS countries have big problems, as follows.

The effect of sex on a man’s health

A man should have sex for longer to stay young: by adjusting the individual processes in the body, slowing the age-related changes, which contributes to maintaining health and longevity. In addition, it is proved that regular sex life prevents prostate diseases.

Do not believe the myth that “the more, the better. Everything must be in moderation. Two or three acts a week are enough to maintain tone. The harm lies in the fact that there is a heavy load on the male genitals. According to a number of studies, the risk of inflammatory diseases of the testicles, appendages increases.

What kills sex drive in marriage?

The fire in a marriage can fade. The main rule of maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the family, pleasure must necessarily be enjoyed by both partners. In Russia, there is a big problem with sex education, due to which both parties suffer in couples. According to statistics, every third woman has never experienced an orgasm, and you can find a lot of reasons for this. Lack of sexual education, resulting in complete ignorance of one’s body.

There are also other reasons, such as fatigue at work or at home. In such cases, the man can take on some of the duties of the house to relieve the woman, as well as to show more attention to her problems. In a difficult period in a man’s woman should also show more sensitivity, to give more freedom.

Together, the sex life can be improved with a change of diet. The transition to a healthy diet and basic, but regular physical activity has a positive effect on sexual, which in turn strengthens the relationship between the partners.

The effect of sex on health in old age

Contrary to the popular opinion that sex after forty (fifty, sixty, seventy, etc.) does not exist, sexual activity is important at any age. A young person will be socially active regardless of the regularity of sexual activity, but for older people it is an incentive to maintain a healthy emotional background.

If you have flashed the thought that a little later you will have to force yourself to make love, it is not so. After all, with age the desire and need does not fall, and at the expense of experience and a different, in comparison with the young years, level of relaxation, the quality of sex to the next level. There are other bonuses as well.

For example, the duration of sexual intercourse increases, because with age the sensitivity of the genitals decreases. Another detail is menopause, which comes around the age of fifty, after which the fear of unwanted pregnancy disappears.

You should not forget about contraception, because the risk of venereal diseases remains at any age. Pay attention to this issue if partners change frequently.

The positive effects of sex at an older age include strengthening the cardiovascular system, which is important for older people. Also with regular sex life blood pressure is normalized.

Lack of sex negatively affects both men and women. Both have a change in hormonal background, lower serotonin levels, and increased irritability. Because of the aggravated aggressiveness, more conflicts and quarrels occur in the couple. Another known and proven consequence of long-term abstinence is weight gain. This negatively affects self-esteem, worsens mood and even leads to depression.

Useful and Useless Sex

The concepts of helpful and useless sex apply mainly to women, who usually rarely reach orgasm or do not reach it at all. That said, almost any sex act of a healthy man usually reaches its climax. To make sex mutually rewarding, you need to help each other.

A regular orgasm is basic to getting the most out of the process. After all, the anecdotal stories about sex as good exercise have nothing to do with reality, since the average duration of intercourse reaching half an hour is rare, not commonplace (which is perfectly normal).

Nevertheless, paying attention to “climaxing” is still worthwhile for several reasons.

  • First, orgasm can stimulate brain function, as a number of studies have confirmed. Participants selected for the focus group were tested on a magnetic resonance imaging machine, which showed that after orgasm, both halves of the brain begin to create more impulses. In addition, blood flow to the head and to the heart improves.
  • An orgasm has an almost narcotic effect on the human condition. More endorphin and oxytocin are produced, which allow you to reach a state of euphoria and happiness, albeit briefly.
  • Orgasm relieves painful sensations (PMS, headaches, etc.)
  • Orgasm strengthens the immune system. It is enough to have sex just a couple of times a week to avoid colds and viruses. Immunity is increased by changing the ratio of immune cells in the body.
  • Orgasm helps with sleep problems. After good sex, the body is relaxed, which helps you fall asleep more easily.
  • With depression, sleep problems are a common occurrence. An orgasm is helpful here as well. Thanks to the chemical reactions that take place in the body, a person’s nervous system calms down, anxiety is reduced, and the mood improves.
  • An orgasm helps with skin problems. It’s worth noting that teenage problems (acne, black spots, acne) are not solved by sex, but it can help slow down age-related changes (wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity).

How to get the most out of sex

To get the most out of the process and enjoyment, there are a number of simple recommendations.

It is necessary to think about psychological preparation. If you have any clamps or fears, you need to discuss them with your partner. Discussing feelings is very important, because it is unlikely that the other person is able to read someone else’s mind.
Sometimes a person simply does not own his or her body: it is unclear which sensations are pleasant and which are not, so even a simple discussion with a partner brings psychological discomfort. In such cases, it is necessary to study yourself, to see what individual parts of the body respond to.
Forget about insecurities. Usually, the partner does not notice what caused you to develop the biggest complexes. Recipe for fighting them is individual: some people can shop and buy new beautiful clothes, while others should look often at your body in the mirror and finally realize that it is beautiful.
Rest and take care of yourself. When fatigue reduces sex drive, and you should not have sex by force.


Sex is a useful and enjoyable way to build intimacy and spiritual intimacy between people in love. Remember that it is not a panacea, but only an addition to life. Keep an eye on the spiritual, sensual, side of the relationship and have sex for your own pleasure.

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